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Typing the term “antique stores near me” on search engines will give multiple options. As someone who likes collecting antiques, I must admit that finding antique dealers near me usually takes work. But in general, it’s an interesting thing. If you’re searching for the top thrift shop, then look no further than this blog. Here are the best vintage and antique stores near me that you should go to.

Best Antique Stores Near Me

Planning to shop for some antique items? Read this guide to find the best 15 vintage stores near me.

1) Crompton Collective

Do you live in Massachusetts? Then, head to Crompton Collective in Worcester. It is a widely known antique shop where you’ll find lots of interesting vintage items like dolls, clothes, books, and furniture from different sellers all in one place. Anyone looking to pick up some rare treasures should pay a visit to this old shopping mall in Massachusetts.

2) Sandwich Antiques Center

My list of antique dealers near me wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sandwich Antiques Center. The town of Sandwich, home to the Sandwich Glass Museum, is not new to special collectibles and unique stuff. This center has been running for over 20 years, making it one of the oldest and biggest antique places around here. One special thing about this place is that you’ll find all types of things like home decorations and jewels, fancy furniture, and fine art.vintage and antique stores near me

3) Sturbridge Antique Shops

Another place that you should check out is the Sturbridge Antique Shops. It is one of those Massachusetts antique stores where a treasure hunter can go in without knowing what to buy and, after a few hours, end up carrying a lot of things! Here, you’ll find vintage items and antiques from more than 80 sellers arranged in neat rows. This makes it easy to peruse them all and get the items that spark your interest.

4) Jeffrey’s Antique Shop

Another of my favorite antique shops near me is the Jeffrey’s Antique Co-Op in Lunenburg. It is one of the Massachusetts antique malls where you can easily spend a few hours just wandering and learning about treasures! With lots of fantastic old art, furniture, and decor at this antique shop, you won’t leave empty-handed.

5) Garret Jewelry and Loans

Garrett’s has been operating in Downtown Mineral Wells for over 40 years. They sell jewelry, tools, guns, music stuff, plus collectibles. Visit this place today, and be surprised by the antiques you will find!

6) The MEWS at Brewster Antiques

Want to find treasures from past generations in Cape Cod? The MEWS at Brewster Antiques should be your next stop! This center is different from the other shops in Brewster. It has classic rare things that collectors like and are hard to find. It’s a cooperative of vendors, and each one specializes in something different. Therefore, you’ll enjoy shopping here. What they all share, though, is a feeling of Cape Cod.

7) Fun Antiques

Do you want to find cool old furniture and interesting antiques in Massachusetts? Check out the Fun Antiques store in Cambridge. With lots of unique vintage items to choose from, this is an excellent antique store in the state. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to decorate their home. They also fix old lighting items, so if you have a cool classic lamp in your attic that needs repair, bring it to them.antique stores near me

8) The Mineral Wells Center of Life Resale Shop

Do you wish to give back to the community? Stop at The Mineral Wells Center of Life Resale Shop. This is a store that operates by donations. It usually uses what it makes from the resales to help the Mineral Wells Center of Life. They work with volunteers and paid staff who sort items, clean them, and set prices.

You can find anything from clothes and antique furniture to modern items. Usually, the shop receives gifts from people almost every day, meaning that there are always new things to find.

9) Provincetown Antiques

Looking for something original and rare? Provincetown Antiques should be your next stop. The store has many quality items like old accessories, art, and pottery. It also sells clocks, coins, books, medals, scientific instruments, etc. For over ten years, Provincetown Antiques has focused on giving good quality and unique items. This lets all their customers find extraordinary things to take home or choose gifts for someone they care about.

10) Brimfield Antique Flea Market

Clearly, the Brimfield Antique Flea Market is a must-attend for anyone who likes hunting for vintages in Massachusetts and beyond! This big flea market opens its doors three times every year. The market attracts thousands and thousands of treasure hunters each time it opens. With sellers from the whole region, this is an absolute must-visit for many antique fans in Massachusetts and around the world.

11) Antiques Center of Yarmouth

If you are in Yarmouth and looking for antiques, visit The Antiques Center of Yarmouth. This center is a cooperative of sellers with a wide collection of collectibles and antiques to buy. This increases your probability of finding something you like, from furniture to jewelry. The store is open every day, all year, except on Wednesdays.antique shops near me

12) Pickering Wharf Antiques Shop

Do you live in Ridgeland, or are you visiting the place and searching for a good vintage store? Try the Antique Mall of the South! It’s a nice antique mall situated at 367 U.S. Highway 51. The mall features 14,000 square feet of vintage objects from more than 70 dealers. You can walk around easily as you look at all the excellent antique stuff, including tables, scriptures, and toys.

13) Monomoy Salvage

Maybe one of the coolest places to get antiques from Cape Cod is at Monomoy Salvage in Chatham. Thanks to the owner, Carol Sherman, who likes helping her customers find what they’re interested in.

Carol’s specialties are unique, enjoyable, and decorative items. She has accent pieces, old toys, advertising signs, baseball stuff, golf collectibles, and more! There are also models of people as well as the tools used on boats.

14) Screen Door

Do you live in Asheville, NC? One of the best antique shops near you is Screen Door. Of course, you’ll find many second-hand stores in Asheville that sell all kinds of old things. However, Screen Door is different because it only focuses on home and garden items. It has 100 vendors, and everyone here works towards the goal of making everyone happy.

So, if your house in Asheville or elsewhere needs a few special items to finish the look, this is a great place to check out. Their designs are diverse, and there’s likely more than one item for any room style. They also have a small bookstore with books on home and gardening, and all their prices are affordable. You never know what you’ll find here to make your ordinary backyard feel special and unique.

15) Marquee in Ashville

While still in Asheville, look for antique items at Marquee. Are your peers unsure about antique shopping but really want to see more of the local artwork that Asheville is well-known for? Great! This old shop is perfect for that!

Marquee is a center with many stalls selling original vintage art and antique items from yesteryears. This implies that everyone can find an area they like browsing. You can find hand-made rugs, jewelry, and other old items at Marquee. Feeling thirsty and hungry? You can even get a drink or a quick bite while you buy things.vintage store near me

Finding the Best Antique Stores Near Me

There you go! These are the best antique stores you should visit in 2024 and beyond. If you want to find the best vintage shops, here are three tips I use to locate the best antique dealers near me.

  • Use a Google Search Close to You: The easiest way to find an antique store near me is by doing a quick search online. Once I get the results, I usually look at the review section to see pictures of the shops and what people like or don’t like about a specific store.
  • Use Google Maps: Another trick I employ to find antique shops near me is using Google Maps. I use terms such as “Antique stores in Michigan” or a specific state. This will show you the ones closest to where you are.
  • Search on Pinterest: I also visit Pinterest and use terms like “Vintage shop in Brighton” to find cool old shops that bloggers have reviewed. Press on any Pinterest pin, then visit the website to find your next favorite antique store.

Feel free to explore these antique shops and use these tips to discover even more. You won’t be disappointed!

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