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No one deserves to be cheated on; your feelings matter. They are not a toy for someone to keep playing with. You enter a relationship to receive love, trusting that the other person won’t do anything to hurt you. Unfortunately, humans are prone to erring, and sometimes, that big mistake is infidelity. It is heartbreaking to learn that the love of your life has been seeing someone else on the side. Your fight-or-flight response will kick in, making you more likely to react with anger, especially if it is not the first time it has happened to you. 

Before you do something you will regret, how about unburdening your heart by pouring out that heavy feeling through a text message to a cheating boyfriend? It is not about letting him know that he hurt you — he knows that already and probably does not care. It is about you and providing therapy to yourself. You will feel so much better once you let that pain out through a message to a cheating boyfriend.  

You don’t have an idea where to begin? How about these few examples to give you a head start? 

Painful Messages to a Cheating Boyfriend 

Sometimes, it’s best to let all that discomforting and aching feeling dissipate through text. After all, things wouldn’t exactly get prettier if you were to see your boyfriend face-to-face. In order to provide therapy and relief to your pained heart, consider the example messages below.  painful message to a cheating boyfriend

  • 1) One day, you will realize you lost a diamond because you were busy running after polished pebbles. I gave you the best years of my life, but you took them for granted. There is nothing more to say. You have damaged our relationship beyond reconciliation. 
  • 2) It hurts to know that the person I thought would protect me from flying bullets ended up being the one to pull the trigger. I trusted you enough to share my secrets and body with you, but you have let me down. 
  • 3) You can try to fix the blame on me, saying that I was not doing enough for you and that is why you cheated. I know you are at war with yourself; you can never be content, no matter how much I keep pouring into you. You are broken, and no woman can make you whole. I hope you realize that and make amends before it is too late. 
  • 4) I keep trying to understand why you would mess around with other women. I thought I was the problem, but I have come to terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with me. You are the problem, and you will keep losing out on good women because you think there is always someone better out there. 
  • 5) You said you loved me with every fiber of your being, but those were empty words. Your actions have proven otherwise, and you can no longer lie to my heart again. 
  • 6) You keep asking me to forgive you for breaking my heart. Yes, I forgive you, but that does not mean you will have a position in my life ever again. I forgive you, but it is for my sake because you are not even worth my anger.  
  • 7) Two is a company, and three is a crowd. You dared to entertain third parties in our relationship, and I cannot be in crowds. I find them suffocating, so I would rather step out and breathe fresh air away from you. 
  • 8) Stop telling me to fight for our love; there is no love. You let it die the minute you slept around with someone else. There is nothing left to fight for or cultivate. Ours has become a garden of stone because you let our love wither, and the seeds have all dried up. 
  • 9) Every rose has its thorns, and I kept admiring the flower and disregarded the pricking thorns. No more; the thorns have pricked me more than enough times, and I no longer see the beauty of this rose we called love. I have decided to toss out the rose; that way, I will not have to endure the pain of the thorns.  
  • 10) Trust is like a broken mirror; no matter how well you try to put it back together, it will never be the same. I cannot trust you again, and there is no point in being in a relationship without trust. 
  • 11) You can only pretend for so long before getting caught. You thought you were good at hiding, but I saw the lipstick on your shirt. I could smell the cologne that lingered on your clothes. Now I have pictures of you with her, and there is nothing more left to say other than to let you know you can have her. I do not entertain cheaters. 
  • 12) I was not looking for perfect; all I asked for from you was effort and faithfulness. Too bad that you never put in any effort to keep me by your side. Instead, you destroyed all the trust I had in you. 
  • 13) I do not have the energy to keep snooping around because my instincts never lie. Your behavior has changed, and the texts you keep deleting say a lot. I grant you the freedom you so much need; you do not have to delete anything because I don’t care whatever you do when I am not around. You are free to be with whoever you want. 
  • 14) I will not ask you why you cheated because I know there is no possible explanation to justify it. I will just let you simmer in the consequences of your actions to see if you have any shred of conscience left in you. I hope you learn from this and never hurt someone else with your unfaithfulness. 
  • 15) I still cannot believe how stupid I was not seeing the signs that you were cheating. Maybe it is because I trusted you too much to ever doubt your intentions toward me. Well, lesson learned.
  • 16) Since I cannot go back and reclaim the time I wasted on you, I choose to start afresh without the baggage of seeing your lying face daily and being constantly reminded of your falsehoods. 
  • 17) You are not man enough to respect yourself and stay faithful to the person you chose to be your girlfriend. That speaks volumes of the kind of marriage that awaited me if I had chosen to be with you for life. I am not stupid enough to allow you back into my life with your philandering ways, but I will be kind enough to forgive and forget you ever existed.

goodbye message to a cheating boyfriendGoodbye Messages to a Cheating Boyfriend 

In marriages, couples swear to stick together for better or worse, in sickness and health, until death separates them. However, if you are in a relationship that has not yet reached the marriage phase, asking yourself if you would stand by that person through infidelity is crucial. At least 40% of marriages in America experience infidelity, and 80% of divorces are due to a spouse cheating and never coming clean about it. However, the divorce rate drops to 43% upon owning up to their indiscretions. 

It is quite a strange phenomenon, and you might think that people are more forgiving if they do not find out such indiscretions on their own. Nevertheless, statistics should not be the determining factor in whether or not you stay with a cheating partner. 

 If you found out your boyfriend cheated on you, would you be willing to work things out, or would you rather walk out the door and never look back? If you choose to leave, here are a few goodbye messages to a cheating boyfriend you can consider sending him.  

  • 1) I cannot believe you would stoop so low to cheat on me with that ugly woman you always said was your cousin. I should have sensed something was wrong when you spent too much time with your supposed cousin. Unfortunately, I was too much in love to see the kind of man you are — a liar and a cheater. I have wasted enough time with you already, and if I could turn back the hands of time to erase every second spent with you, I would. Goodbye, and may karma deal with you accordingly. 
  • 2) The foundation of every relationship is trust, which you have ruined with your lust. I gave you everything you could ever ask for, yet here you are, two-timing me with everything that wears a skirt. You have broken up our home; I will never forgive you for that. Go on and be with whoever you want. I set you free, and never come back to me.  goodbye message to a cheating boyfriend
  • 3) You thought I would never find out that you have been going behind my back with my best friend. Of all the people, you had to choose her? You are pathetic, and you two liars deserve each other. She can have you to herself because I am done with you. Do not bother coming to pick up your stuff. I will have it mailed to you. Never contact me and my family again. 
  • 4) You think you have won because I have left you alone with her, but you have lost. I was the one good thing in your life, and I would have given anything to be with you. Thank God you have shown me your true colors. That mask you have been wearing for too long has finally fallen off, and I now know you for the cheater that you are. You will soon realize I was the best girlfriend, but it will be too late. Stay away from me and never come back. 
  • 5) I thought you were my Prince Charming and kept telling my friends you were my Mr. Right. How wrong I was because you are not the person I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I ignored what people kept telling me about you because I thought they were jealous of our great relationship. I now realize they were looking out for me and did not want me to make the biggest mistake of my life by settling down with you. Hope you are happy with whichever flavor of the month you choose. 
  • 6) Loyalty is very expensive, and I cannot expect it from someone cheap like you. I tolerated a lot from you because I was foolishly in love, but not anymore. My love blinded me, but my eyes are now open, and I can see the real you. I now remember the late-night phone calls you said were from work. The sneaking around, taking your phone with you to the bathroom. I was stupid to fall for the lies you kept feeding me, but I have come to my senses. Get out of my life and never look back.  message to cheating boyfriend
  • 7) I was mistaken to think I had found my soulmate. Your infidelity has made me change my mind, and I am moving on because I believe I deserve better. You are not worth fighting for, so you can stay with her, and I will move out to a place where I do not have to see your face again. It may hurt now, but I will not waste any tears on you. You have broken my heart, but I will heal. You, unfortunately, will never know the true meaning of happiness. 
  • 8) My first mistake was falling in love, then I compounded it by giving all my trust to you. I gathered all my affection and gave it to you, thinking you were the one meant for me, only to learn that you care for no one else but yourself. Your selfishness has resulted in you breaking the trust I had in you. You have cheated on me, and I cannot forgive you for that. You have played me for a fool, and if you thought you were irreplaceable, think again because I am going to replace you soon. 
  • 9) I regret the day I met you. I wish I could skip it and forget I ever knew you, but I cannot. So, I will choose to ignore your existence instead. I hope you receive the same treatment back in full measure for the pain you have caused me with your philandering ways. I am not the kind of person to stick around and wait for you to change your ways. So, I am leaving you, and I never want you in my life again. 
  • 10) Do not tell me that you were with her by accident. You consciously decided to cheat, knowing full well that you were in a relationship with me. Be accountable and admit you are a cheater and a liar; stop looking for weak excuses. Now bear the consequences of your actions because I cannot be with someone like you anymore. 
  • 11) The measure of a man is not in the number of women he has taken to bed. You think you are a real man because of the countless women you have slept with, but that only proves how untrustworthy you are. I cannot be with somebody I cannot trust, someone who cannot keep it in his pants. Goodbye, and good luck finding someone who can tolerate your cheating.  painful message to a cheating boyfriend
  • 12) I am so over you. I have been with you for years, ignoring your flaws and hoping you would change. But you have broken the last straw by sleeping with someone else. I might as well be lucky that you have not infected me with diseases now that I know you have been cheating on me for years. You have cheated yourself out of a woman who would have made you happy. Still, I wish you whatever you deserve. But you certainly do not deserve to be happy. 
  • 13) Even if you were the last man on the face of the Earth, I promise you I would rather die single than marry you. You are dead to me after all you have put me through in the name of love. I am a queen and deserve proper respect, but you have taken my heart and torn it apart. May you never know peace, and I will never forgive you for this. I gave myself to you wholeheartedly, but you have left me in pieces. 
  • 14) I have been hurt in the past, and I told you this in good faith so you would never make me go through it again. Unfortunately, you treated it like a manual to perfect your infidelity, and you have brought back all those painful memories to life again. I do not think I can ever forgive you for that. I trusted you to be the one person to understand me and never hurt me, but here you are, repeating what I told you I did not want in my previous relationships. I can no longer have you in my life in any capacity, so leave me alone. 
  • 15) Fool me once, shame on you, but you have fooled me twice, and now it is shame on me for forgiving you the first time. I loved you so much, and I believed you loved me too. Now, it is hard to trust any word coming out of your lying mouth. I should have kicked you out the moment I suspected you were cheating on me, but you are conniving and convinced me I was being paranoid. Never again will you play me for a fool because whatever we had is gone.

Parting Shot 

When all is said and done, remember you are not to blame for your boyfriend’s cheating. He is an adult who made the conscious decision to be unfaithful, and it has nothing to do with you. You deserve the best love a person can give. Therefore, the only closure necessary in your life is that of your cheating boyfriend, who cannot love you properly.  

Besides, by using the message examples outlined here, you will feel great directing your anger to the source of your pain once you send them over. Real men are not stolen; if a woman manages to be intimate with him, let her have him. You deserve better anyway than to lie alone at night wondering where your boyfriend is, who he is with, and what he is doing. 

Of course, it will hurt like hell, having to block him out of your heart, but in the end, you will have some peace of mind. It is better to endure a few weeks of heartache than a lifetime of regret. So, have you found the perfect message to send to that cheating boyfriend? Hit the “send” button now and begin your healing process.

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