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Have you been researching what is a turkey in bowling? You just landed on the right page. Are you looking forward to boosting your bowling knowledge? I will clarify and demystify the bowling turkey concept in this article. A turkey, also well known as three strikes in a row, is the most sought-after achievement in bowling by all enthusiasts in this sport all over the United States and Canada. Whether you are a newbie or a pro in bowling, there is a load of information here for all bowlers. So, let’s get to know more about the turkey bowling game.

What Is Turkey in Bowling?

Did you just hear about it from someone, or have you read somewhere the term bowling turkey and wondered about its meaning? A turkey in bowling is a common term used to imply three strikes thrown in a row. This particular stunt is considered impossible by some people. Still, on the other hand, experienced players will tell you consistent practice, skill, and precision are the keys to getting a perfect turkey.

If you are looking forward to an ideal turkey bowling game with your friends, then your group must know how to bowl three strikes in a row through a single game. Bowling is a unique sport that’s not only for professional bowlers, but also newbies can engage in it as well.what is a turkey in bowling

The History of Bowling Turkey

Have you ever gone bowling? If yes, then you might have had the chance to score a turkey. Are you getting confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. When you knock down all 10 bowling pins in the first round, this is known as a strike. A turkey in bowling comes about when a string of three consecutive strikes is achieved.

Did you know that in the 1700s and early 1800s, bowling tournaments were a popular amusement for all people? An original turkey bowling history involves a frozen turkey and 10 soda bottles bowling in a grocery store aisle by Derrick Johnson. The sport is popular in the United States and Canada and is commonly associated with Thanksgiving.

As the name suggests, turkeys were a common winning price in the bowling tournament, and as bowling a strike became easier, prizes were given for multiple strikes in a row; thus, turkey bowling was born. Turkey in bowling was synonymous with three strikes in a row, while other accomplishments got their names like:

  • Hambone or badger (4 consecutive strikes)
  • Wild Turkey (6 consecutive strikes)
  • Golden Turkey (9 consecutive strikes)
  • Dinosaur (a perfect game)

If I were to make a comparison of bowling then and now, the difference would be quite noticeable. Back then, achieving a turkey in bowling was quite an exceptional accomplishment, while these days, it’s relatively easy to throw three strikes with precise practice.

Why Is It Called a Turkey in Bowling?

Surprisingly, it is not known for sure how the bowling string of three consecutive strikes came about as the turkey, but research indicates it began in the late 1700s and early 1800s. At this time, in the United States bowling competition, the winner received a food basket that often included, guess what? You guessed right, a turkey!

The idea of the bowling turkey game likely emerged from this scope of tradition. It is surprising that the turkey prize tradition is no longer in practice nowadays, but the term seems to have stuck in bowling.turkey bowling game

Strikes Names for Strings in Bowling

Did you know there are about 11 names for strings of strikes in bowling? After three strikes in a row, every strike afterward is referred to as a badger. Let’s get to know these strikes:

  • Double. These are two strikes in a row.
  • Turkey. These are three consecutive strikes in a row.
  • Four-badger or hambone is four strikes, as referred to by sports commentator Rob Stone.
  • Nicle or five-badger is the name for five strikes in a row.
  • The terms for six strikes in a row are sixer, six-badger, and six-pack.
  • Seven-badger or ham-turkey is the term for seven strikes in bowling.
  • Octopus or eight-badger is the name for eight strikes in a row.
  • Nine-badger, also referred to as the golden turkey, is the name of 9 strikes in a row
  • 10-badger is what we call ten strikes in a row
  • 11-badger is the name for eleven strikes bowled in a row
  • Perfect game. This score is the maximum number of strikes in one bowling game. It is rare to get to this level, but at the same time, it is possible to achieve.

How to Bowl a Turkey

Now that you understand and know what turkey in bowling is, can you do it? If yes, that is awesome; if not, here are tips for you:

  • First, you have to use the lighter ball to make it easier for the pins to hit and knock each other in the first shot. Heavy balls send some pins flying higher, thus not knocking down the others.
  • After the first strike, you will have two more shots before the end of a score. For best results, target between pins close to each other. If you put some spin on the ball and throw at the right angle, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll pull off a turkey.
  • Finally, as close as you can, aim for the arrow markings in the middle lane, then go for the second arrow from either the left or right side, depending on your dominant hand.

Are you feeling ready to get started on bowling? Let’s get that turkey! Believe in yourself, be confident you have all the bowling information you need, and kick-start your career in this sport. Now that I have explained what a turkey means in bowling and all you need to know to be a perfect bowler, get your family and friends together, have fun, and make memories.turkey in bowling


Still, having doubts about what is a turkey in bowling? We hope this article cleared all that for you! I would love to hear about your experience in bowling and how this article was of help to you. Remember, to become a professional bowler, you must keep practicing with precision every time you get a chance. Happy bowling!

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