symbolism of copper

These days, copper rings and bracelets are fashionable. Everybody and their pet seem to wear something made of this seductive metal,

I know you want to know the reasons behind it. Why? Well, that is probably because of all its spiritual and physiological benefits. Most people are aware of copper’s health benefits. On the spiritual front, though, most people aren’t exactly knowledgeable.

We are going to resolve that bit today. Let us go straight into the facts behind copper symbolism, spiritually!

To Start: What Is Copper?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the symbolism of copper, let’s start by first defining it. Copper is a reddish-brown soft metal that is lustrous. Its surface is brilliant in appearance, which gives it the characteristics of a transition metal composed of tin and alloy. Due to its high conductivity, it is frequently used as an electrical and thermal charge. Copper’s other properties, besides its electrical properties, include energy conductivity, negativity removal, and chakra balancing.

Copper: A Centuries-Old Therapeutic Metal

The world as a whole has an extensive history with copper. The first discovery of this metal in the world was around 77 AD. The Greeks used the term Cyprium to refer to the copper minefields. Later, they changed the name to Cuprum and eventually to Copper, as we know it today.

The symbolism of copper has proven to be a spiritual gem for quite some time, covering everything from finance to mythology. It was once associated with Venus and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. In Rome, they used pieces of copper as money, while the Egyptians used it to keep wounds clean and to cleanse water.

It was in the 1970s that the United States began to acknowledge the medicinal properties of copper, despite its long history of use in medical care and the making of surgical instruments. This warming mineral is perfect for assisting you in releasing excess charge and promoting happy vibes. It has proven to be an incredible amplifier and energy conductor. Malachite, turquoise, and chrysocolla are among the gemstones that contain copper.symbolism of copper

Facts Sheet: Spiritual Symbolism of Copper

As stated earlier, copper is a significant component of the spiritual world. It has many metaphysical qualities and spiritual healing benefits that are easily employed to promote energy flow. By conducting energy, it permits the transmission of healing throughout the body. Copper’s therapeutic qualities help the user feel more at ease and promote harmony between their emotional and physical actions. Below are some critical aspects that you should know.

#1) Allows Release of Extra Anger and Resentment

Copper is a warming stone, as we have already said. As a result, it facilitates the discharge of any pent-up anger or resentment you may feel. An item or bracelet made of copper will locate and remove any excess negative charge from your body, regardless of how long ago the problem happened or how recently you started wearing it. After it does its job, you will undoubtedly feel lighter.

#2) Strengthens Spiritual Ties and Love

In addition, copper is the metal of love and spirituality, denoting the solidity of a bond. This is particularly relevant to marriage since copper represents the desire to make sure that your marriage lasts a lifetime.

This wondrous metal is also often associated with passion and seduction. It is well known that copper may help ignite sexual desire in the bedroom. Some use it as a charm for sexual prowess and physical appeal; hence, it is thought to be an aphrodisiac. Interesting! Copper is also associated with love and is said to be a protective stone for women. Wearing copper jewelry can improve relationships by heightening sensuality and boosting self-confidence.

Copper is primarily associated with the 50th anniversary due to a long-standing custom. Some stories state that if your marriage has lasted for more than 50 years, you will never divorce. For this reason, giving copper for your 50th anniversary is often advisable!symbolism of copper

#3) Shields the Domestic Altar From Negative Energy and Evil

This is an excellent illustration of the usage of copper in a home shrine, and it makes sense spiritually. It is particularly prevalent in Scandinavian nations, where copper shields households from evil spirits. Due to its connections to earth magic, copper symbolism also applies to joining magic spells, generally on an altar or table.

Copper may fight off evil energies or forces when protecting the house from unwelcome trespassers like thieves or burglars. A worn amulet has many uses in the house, such as fending off bad energy and evil spirits. It works particularly well on indoor plants or your wrist.

When given as an adorable gift or on Christmas Eve, based on ancient Christian customs, it offers protection from danger. But use caution when using this symbolism. If you apply it to too many people, they will view you as a narrow-minded person unwilling to contemplate discovering truths that differ from your own!

#4) It Facilitates the Balancing of Chakras

Besides the essential properties above, copper may also aid in balancing the chakra. Chakras are energy hubs that the body possesses. They control our bodily and spiritual existence by way of energy balance, including our well-being. Illness can arise from an imbalance of energy.copper symbolism

An imbalance can result from placing excessive energy in one chakra and insufficient in another (for instance, excessively negative energy in the root chakra and insufficiently positive energy in the sacral chakra). Through rebalancing the chakras, copper can restore equilibrium by balancing and reestablishing your energy flow.

You can wear a copper talisman as jewelry or lay it on the chosen chakra. Before applying copper to the afflicted chakra or putting it on their body, some practitioners cleanse it, which assists with balancing and reestablishing their body’s energy flow.

#5) It Facilitates the Manifestation of Wealth

Copper is unquestionably a positive and prosperous metal. Interestingly, it also contributes to the wearer’s wealth and prosperity. This healing metal will fill you with hope and give you the courage to take on financial endeavors to advance and expand your savings. Additionally, it will provide a robust, even overpowering, sense of freedom regarding financial decisions. You should wear copper and arrange it in your surroundings to maximize wealth-fulfilling properties.


In the spiritual realm, spiritualists believe that copper has a positive energy that can assist you in dispelling any negative energy in your immediate environment. It also generates positive emotions while providing you with the serenity and clarity you require to proceed in the direction of your choice. Taurus and Sagittarius are the two zodiac signs that naturally correspond with copper.

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