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Ever heard of a Japanese Garden in London? Holland Park is home to one — a serene and alluring oasis that screams Nippon. What makes it even more beautiful is the presence of peacocks in the parks. Imagine trying to take a picture and one of these majestic birds stroll in – your pictures become magical. Observing them gracefully maneuver through the park is truly mesmerizing in its right.

A Visit to Kyoto Garden In Holland Park

The Kyoto Garden of London is in Holland Park. While it’s not vast, the garden is a space to savor, where every detail invites you to make every breath count.

Location and Opening Hours

Holland Park lies in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on Ilchester Pl, London W8 6LU. It’s a fancy area of London, as you can tell. It is open daily from 7:30 a.m. until 30 minutes before dusk. When is dusk, you ask? Just time your visit to end before 6 p.m. to be safe.

How Do I Get to the Kyoto Garden?

There are limited parking spaces in this park, so you may have to consider alternative options. Public transport is fantastic in London, so give it a go, will you? The closest tube station to Kyoto Garden is Holland Park (Central Line).

Cycling is a popular option, too. Use the London Cycle Hire docking station near the park entrance on Holland Walk.

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Where Do I Stay?

For a comfy stay near Holland Park, consider Park Grand Kensington. Elegantly designed, this boutique accommodation offers modern amenities. Less than a mile from Holland Park, you can enjoy a lovely walk through exclusive neighborhoods or a quick tube ride (two minutes from Earl’s Court Station).

Do I Need a Ticket to Access the Park?

To access the Kyoto Garden in London, no tickets are necessary. However, admission to Opera Holland Park is ticketed, but children aged 7 to 18 can enjoy performances for free.

Features of the Kyoto Garden

Kyoto Garden offers peace amid London’s bustle, featuring traditional Japanese elements. Walk with us as we explore its serene beauty.


The focal point of Kyoto Gardens in London, the waterfall, beckons visitors. A bridge before it offers a coveted photo spot – anticipate a short wait for your turn. Though not towering, the tiered waterfall cascades gracefully over organic rocks, embraced by enchanting trees whose colors transform in the fall and evoke tranquility, offering an ideal setting for relaxation and unwinding. The gentle sound of cascading water provides a soothing backdrop, creating a serene ambiance.


The most famous bird in Kyoto Gardens is the majestic peacock! They are not native to London, and they are not considered wild birds in the UK. They arrived in the UK in the 14th century as gifts symbolizing wealth. Now, a dozen or so reside in the area. Peacocks aside, you will find playful squirrels scurrying around, rose-ringed parakeets, and graceful herons. And let’s not forget the koi carp! As evident, Kyoto Gardens offers a delightful animal-filled experience.

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Stone Lanterns

Several stone lanterns, known as tōrō in Japanese, grace Kyoto Garden in varying sizes. Initially designed for lighting paths in Buddhist temples, these lanterns became popular in the late 16th century. They are now a common feature in Japanese gardens, making them a delightful sight during your visit.

Koi Pond

The koi pond, somewhat resembling a gourd, is another significant feature of Kyoto Garden you don’t want to miss. Follow the curvy pathway encircling the pond to appreciate it from various angles. See the koi carp swimming beneath the surface as you stroll by.

There’s more – satisfy your hunger to visit Japan each spring for cherry blossom season. You will also see Japanese maple trees, cherry blossoms, and several other colorful flowers dotting the landscape and enhancing the garden’s enchanting allure.

Tips to Remember

How do you make your trip even more memorable? The garden is a magnificent experience, but only if you come prepared.

  • Wear comfortable shoes: Don’t leave your comfortable shoes at home if you want to enjoy your strolls around the garden.
  • Time your visit: Wait till spring or autumn if you are hunting for those bursts of stunning colors.
  • Do not feed wildlife: It doesn’t matter if the animals are cute as they beg you for food; do not feed them.
  • Bring your water bottle: While there is a café within the park, it won’t hurt to go with your water bottle to avoid eventualities.

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Other Attractions in the Area

If you’re in the vicinity, don’t waste your trip. This part of London hosts some of the best attractions around.

  • Holland Park

Besides the Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park has other attractions that could interest you. This is the largest park in the Royal Borough, with a whopping 22.5 hectares of gardens. The park supports the borough’s Ecology Service, hosting events, educational visits, and wildlife activities.

Disabled parking is available, and toilets are near the Ilchester Place entrance and the adventure playground. The adventure playground features play equipment for kids aged 5 to 14, with toilets and sustainable urban drainage systems. In addition, Holland Park offers facilities for several sports and health walks.

  • Kensington Palace

Since the 17th century, this palace has served as a historic royal residence. Presently, it is the official home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, so make sure you dress well. Guests have the opportunity to tour certain sections of the palace, such as the Georgian staterooms. Who knows? You might spot some royalty!

  • Kensington Palace Gardens

Famously recognized as Billionaires Row, this street stands among the planet’s priciest residential avenues. It’s home to notable figures like members of the Saudi royal family and Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin. Also, it’s host to various embassies, adding to its exclusive allure.

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  • Kensington Gardens

Nestled west of Kensington Palace, this expansive park was formerly reserved for palace use but now welcomes the public. With its sprawling beauty, tree-bordered pathways, water features, and sculptures, the park offers a serene retreat. Notable attractions include the engaging Diana Memorial Playground, the grand Albert Monument, and the charming Italian Gardens.

  • The Royal Albert Hall

This grand concert hall was finalized in 1871 and inaugurated by Queen Victoria. It has hosted stellar performances by global musical luminaries. The venue’s diverse repertoire caters to varied tastes, including classical, pop, and rock melodies. Since 1941, it has also been the esteemed stage for the annual summer Proms concert, continuing to captivate audiences with a rich musical legacy.


The Kyoto Gardens in London promises a tranquil experience, offering a taste of Japan thousands of miles away in the United Kingdom. I strongly encourage a visit, particularly for those seeking a soothing and meditative escape.

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