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Palawan coastline hosts some of the universe’s finest beaches. Adventure seekers and beach enthusiasts flock to Palawan beaches due to their fascinating tropical environments, pristine sand, and sparkling marine life. Read on to explore the most lovely and finest locations in this zone of the Philippines.

Unveiling Palawan’s 18 Idyllic and Stunning Beaches

From the incredible hidden coves to lively tourist hubs, Palawan’s beaches appeal to every type of guest, whether seeking relaxation or adventure. Touring this island’s shoreline will leave lasting memories due to its tranquil atmosphere and delightful landscapes. Below are some fabulous beaches that make Palawan a reputable island worth visiting.

1) White Beach, Port Barton

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Situated along Palawan’s west coast in Port Barton, White Beach boasts a pristine stretch of sand and a welcoming vibe. Its beachfront embraces delightful restaurants and cozy accommodations serving fresh seafood. Tourists can explore the nearby mangrove forests and waterfalls, relax under the swaying palm trees, or soak up the sun. It is a seamless spot for those seeking a serene beach experience and a peaceful escape.

2) Seven Commandos Beach, El Nido

The name of this beach originates from seven Filipino soldiers who sought refuge on this serene land after serving in World War II. The Seven Commandos Beach is surrounded by lush greenery and the Vellago Palawan resorts, forming a chilling scenery for anyone lucky enough to come in. Beach fanatics can explore the exciting marine life that thrives in the shallow waters. It is a fantastic hub for tourists seeking tranquillity and peace.

3) Nacpan Beach, El Nido

Sitting along El Nido’s northern region is Nacpan Beach, an exclusive stretch of golden sand that appears to extend continually. Its shoreline extends about 4 kilometers long, making it an idyllic destination for a peaceful retreat, beach walkers, quiet reflection, or romantic stroll. Nacpan Beach’s dynamic vibe and terrific natural beauty make it a noteworthy gem in Palawan’s paradise. Its gentle waves, serene atmosphere, and calm waters are excellent for relaxation and swimming.

4) Amanpulo Beach, Pamalican Island

Situated on the exclusive Pamalican Island, Amanpulo Beach is a private hub that showcases exclusivity and luxury. Boosting luxurious villas, amenities, and lush tropical gardens, this beach offers a secluded and serene atmosphere ideal for visitors seeking indulgence and privacy. Its vibrant coral reefs and azure waters provide excellent diving and snorkeling prospects, allowing guests to explore the profound marine life that booms in this protected destination. From spa treatments to world-class dining, this spot offers a thrilling escape for discerning visitors.

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5) Duli Beach, Bucana

Sitting in an unspoiled and remote region of Bucana is Duli Beach, a vibrant gem that delivers a high-end beach experience. It is famous for its towering and verdant cliffs, white sands, turquoise waters, and outstanding natural beauty. Travelers can also explore the nearby mangrove forests for extra thrills. Duli Beach is an excellent hub for visitors desiring a connection with nature and solitude.

6) Secret Beach, El Nido

Living up to its name, Secret Beach is a classic spot within El Nido accessible only through a slender crevice in the cliffs. It boosts intimate and calm surroundings with fine white sand and turquoise waters. You can snorkel in the shallow waters, explore its adjoining caves, or bask in the sun to enjoy the vibrant marine life. It is a must-visit retreat for tourists seeking a memorable and unique Palawan beach experience.

7) Coconut Beach, Roxas

Located on the Roxas coastline, Coconut Beach is a favorite treasure for beach walkers. Boosting swaying coconut palms and azure waters, this location provides a tropical ambiance and natural shades. The gentle waves and soft white sands are great for picnics and romantic evenings. Whether kayaking along the seashore or basking in a hammock, this beach promises a soothing escape.

8) Vanilla Beach, El Nido

Vanilla Beach is a relaxing cove in El Nido with scenic and serene surroundings. It allures those looking to escape from the crowds, unwind, or have a more intimate beach experience. You can explore the adjacent caves and cliffs, swim in the sea waters, or relax on the smooth white sand. With its peaceful ambiance and terrific natural beauty, Vanilla Beach is an ideal retreat for travelers seeking a tranquil escape in Palawan.

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9) Long Beach, San Vicente

Long Beach is among the lengthiest Palawan beaches in the Philippines, extending for about 14 kilometers along the San Vicente shoreline. It charms outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers with its picturesque scenery, silky white sand, and tranquil waters. Guests can wander along the oceanfront, enjoy the striking views, or engage in beach football or volleyball activities. Due to its ideal conditions and consistent winds, visitors can engage in windsurfing or kitesurfing.

10) Nagtabon Beach, Puerto Princesa

This Beach in Palawan Puerto Princesa’s rocky seashore boosts seclusion and natural sceneries. You can explore the adjacent caves and mangrove forests or unwind on the coast. It is an excellent spot for travelers seeking a connection with nature or a serene escape from the masses.

11) Las Cabañas Beach, El Nido

Known for its surrounding towering limestone formations, Las Cabañas Beach is picturesque but a small cove with a stunning sunset. Adventure fanatics can swim in the azure waters or lounge in a beach cabana for a remarkable Palawan escape. It boasts numerous accommodations, from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly options, catering to every guest category.

12) Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa

Set in the Puerto Princesa region, Sabang Beach is a prevalent treasure among beach-goers, locals, surfers, and tourists. It has multiple accommodation options, pubs, and eateries lining the oceanfront. Tourists can engage in marine sports like diving or enjoy sunbathing.

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13) Pamuayan Beach, San Vicente

Situated at Sitio Pamuayan near the charming San Vicente, Pamuayan Beach is well known for its secluded and calm environment. It has a small coastline, hosting only one eatery. It can accommodate small crowds compared to Coconut Beach and White Beach. However, its stunning sunsets and moderate waves make it an excellent serene gateway for rejuvenation and unwinding. Visitors can hike for approximately 30 minutes to view the scenic Pamuayan Waterfalls or walk for around 40 minutes to picnic in Port Barton town’s scenery.

14) Banul Beach, Coron

Banul Beach in Coron, Palawan, is famous for its incredible greenery and a backdrop of towering cliffs. It’s a picturesque cove and a lovely stretch of white sand with turquoise water fashion a natural sanctuary for travelers. Its seashore is ideal for divers and snorkelers, incorporating the vibrant marine life with remarkable coral reefs and beautiful waters. You can explore the nearby rock foundations and caves, swim in the calm waters, or bask on this beach.

15) Corong Corong Beach, El Nido

This beach is well known for its breathtaking sunsets and powdery sands. It is an ideal sandy coastline with limestone rock formations and tall coconut palm trees that will entice travelers. Also, the peaceful ambiance and striking scenery make it adorable to visitors seeking a tranquil gateway.

16) Marimegmeg Beach, South of El Nido

The exciting Maremegmeg Beach boosts thrilling adventures, tranquil shores, and spectacular sunsets. Its palm-fringed golden sands and calm atmosphere with beach inns and shack bars for sunset cocktails and landscapes charm beach searchers globally. Although it has a small swimming area, it offers refreshing vibes due to its beauty and cleanliness.

17) Pristine Beach, Puerto Princesa City

The golden sand of this beach stretches endlessly, supplementing the calm waves of the turquoise ocean. It has beautiful cliffs that frame its coastline, creating a scenic backdrop. Swaying palm trees cast spotted shadows on the beach, charming tourists bask in the tropical heaven. Its azure waters beckon snorkelers and swimmers to explore the exciting marine life teeming underneath the surface.

18) Tagkawayan City Beach, Puerto Princesa City

This beach’s azure shoreline contrasts beautifully with its white sand’s vast expanse. The vibrant atmosphere draws friends and families to gather and relish the warm embrace of the ocean and sun. The beach is full of energetic sellers intertwining through the visitors, offering local delicacies and refreshing coconut drinks.


Palawan’s beaches offer a thrilling experience of the island’s diverse sceneries and natural attractiveness. Every option on this list here delivers a unique experience that matches diverse desires and preferences, from bustling visitor hubs to pristine coves. Whether you seek a moment of serenity, relaxation, or adventure, Palawan’s beaches promise a remarkable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your life.

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