tnt simcard registration

SIM registration is necessary for all tourists and SIM card buyers in the Philippines. However, the whole process may be confusing for some.

Not to worry. In this article, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process for TNT SIM registration. Let’s review all the requirements you need to own a Smart SIM card!

What Is SIM Registration in the Philippines?

SIM registration is the process of enrolling your details into a SIM card. It’s a mandatory requirement for anyone who wishes to own a cellphone number in the Philippines.

Now, there are a few telecommunication companies to choose from. One of the most common among locals is the TNT Smart SIM card.

This SIM card is popular because it has a wide network and stronger signal compared to its competitors. The whole process of registering your information through this company is also straightforward!tnt sim registration

TNT SIM Registration Steps

Here’s the step-by-step process for TNT SIM card registration.

1. Visit the Website and Verify Your Number

Once you have your SIM card, insert it into your phone’s SIM card slot. Next, go to Smart’s SIM registration portal.

Smart subscribers can access the SIM registration website with their mobile data. You may do this without incurring charges.

Next, enter your cell phone number. You can see your phone number written on the SIM card’s packaging or in your phone settings.

After this, click the send OTP button to receive a one-time pin from Smart. Enter this number into the website and click Verify OTP.

2. Enter Your Details

Upon completing verification, Smart will redirect you to a site for inputting your information. This is when you’ll create your profile.

Type in your mobile number, Smart serial number, name, birthday, and address. You also need to upload a photo of a valid government-issued ID.

Here’s where some people may have trouble.

One common problem is that the allocated memory for uploads isn’t large enough for huge files. My tip is to photograph your ID from two to three feet away, then crop the ID.

This step ensures your upload is still legible but doesn’t take up much space!

3. Take a Selfie

The next step for TNT SIM registration is taking a selfie. To do this, click on the upload or take a photo button.

Make sure you use a clear photo with a plain background, similar to an ID picture. Afterward, tick the boxes for privacy notice and attestation of accuracy.

It’s now time to submit your details!tnt sim regis

4. Wait for Confirmation

Once you submit your details, you should receive confirmation of the TNT SIM register through SMS.

Save your registration number or control number. You may need this number for further validation or as proof of registration.


Are Tourists Required to Register SIM Cards in the Philippines?

Yes, even if you’re a tourist visiting the Philippines, you must register your details when you buy a SIM card. This law is under Republic Act No. 11934, or the SIM Registration Act.

Foreign nationals must submit their passport number and proof of address in the Philippines. They must also upload a copy of their return ticket to the country of origin.

What IDs Can You Use for TNT SIM Registration?

To register your SIM card, you can only use valid IDs like your passport, SSS, UMID, driver’s license, or GSIS.

You may also use an NBI clearance, voter’s ID, citizen’s card, or PWD ID.tnt simcard register

What Is SIM Registration For?

The purpose of SIM registration is to minimize mobile phishing and text spam in the Philippines.

According to the National Telecommunications Commission, it helps police track electronic-aided crimes.

Do Minors Without IDs Need SIM Registration?

Yes, even minors who don’t have government IDs must undergo registration if they own a SIM card.

Minors can do this by registering under their legal guardian’s name and ID number. Plus, the legal guardian must present a written letter of consent for the minor.

Can You Register Multiple TNT SIM Cards?

Yes! You can register multiple numbers using the same government-issued ID. You may also register for corporations or other businesses as a representative.

To achieve this, you must upload a copy of the board resolution designating you as the official representative.tnt sim reg

What Happens If You Don’t Register Your TNT SIM?

If you don’t register your SIM card, you can’t activate it. This means you can only use the Smart TNT service after you complete registration.


In conclusion, TNT SIM registration is a requirement for all new SIM card owners in the Philippines. Even minors, corporations, and tourists must register their information.

Fortunately, the whole process only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is verify your number, enter your details, and upload a selfie and valid ID.

Upon completion of registration, you can begin using your SIM card without issues!

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