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As a nail enthusiast, having the best nail shades can go a long way. However, finding that perfect design, especially in a color like royal blue, might be challenging. However, I got you covered in this article to bring out that queenish look in you.royal blue nails

Look Regal With Blue

Finding the perfect design for a royal blue can go a long way, especially in terms of look. To help you with this, I have compiled some of the best royal blue nail designs for you. These are as follows:

1. Royal Blue French Manicure

A royal blue French manicure puts a fun spin on the classic elegant look. Paint your tips an attention-grabbing royal blue while leaving the bases nude or white. This stylish take makes your hands look instantly more regal and polished. Opt for a deep saturated royal blue hue to really make the tips pop.

2. Royal Blue and Gold Accents

What’s more majestic than royal blue and gold together? Paint your nails a dark royal blue, then add sparkling gold designs, like zigzags, dots, geometric shapes, or diagonal stripes. The contrast makes for an ultra-glamorous duo fit for a powerful queen. A smattering of gold rhinestones amps up the royal vibe even more.

royal blue coffin nails

3. Textured Royal Blue Nugget Nails

One of the trendiest nail art techniques for 2023 is nugget nails. This 3D style uses textured materials like beads, foil, or chrome powder to create interesting dimensional effects on the nails. With royal blue as your base, try accenting with blue foil bits, iridescent square studs, or silver bead strands running vertically down nails.

4. Royal Blue Ombre Nails

Ombre remains a huge nail trend and works beautifully with royal blue hues. Do a fierce dark-to-light ombre, starting with the deepest royal blue on the cuticle sides and transitioning gradually to a baby blue, robin’s egg blue, or pearlescent white at the tips. Or flip the gradient and fade lighter blue into the bold royal.

5. Royal Blue and Rose Gold Coffin Nails

Royal blue coffin nails never go out of style. Take this elongating shape to majestic heights with a coupling of rich royal blue polish and shining rose gold embellishments. Try rose gold studs, striping tape, chrome powder, foil flakes, or hand-painted art. The cool and warm metal tones play beautifully against the regal blue.

6. Royal Blue Press-On Nails

Press-on nails offer an easy DIY route to fab nails fast. Look for press-on sets featuring different royal blue shades and designs to switch up your style week-to-week. Many even have glue tabs to secure them for 7-10 days of flawless wear. Accent press-on with some rhinestones or polish touches of your own, too!

7. Matte Royal Blue Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails spice up the edge with their pointy shape. Take this bold look further by pairing it with a matte royal blue polish. The flat, unfinished texture matches excellently against the elegant hue. Keep other nails glossy blue for extra dimension. Or add bright white tip stripes for definition.

8. Glossy Royal Blue Almond Nails

Prefer a slightly softer point? Almond-shaped nails still elongate nails while looking more versatile for everyday wear. With shortened almonds, paint on a super glossy and vivid royal blue polish. Cover with two coats of quick-dry topcoat for stellar shine. The glossy, smooth finish contrasts with the flat mattes in a cool way.

9. Simple Solid Royal Blue

You really can’t go wrong with a classic solid royal blue manicure. No frills needed! Just evenly apply two thin coats of a favorite rich royal blue polish. Let it dry thoroughly, then finish it with a protective topcoat to lock in the flawless color. Elegantly simple royal blue nails project poise and confidence.royal blue and silver nails

10. Royal Blue Chevron Nails

Geometric nail art always looks sharp. Paint on your preferred royal blue hue, then use striping tape to create cool chevron patterns. Start with centered triangles, then build out to stripes, rotating directions on alternating nails. The repetitive shapes lend great movement against the solid background.

11. Metallic Royal Blue Chrome Nails

Why choose between royal blue and chrome when you can have both? New metallic polishes offer the mirror-like chrome effect infused with rich color. Paint on two coats of a metallic royal blue for dazzling dimension. The internal sheen catches the light beautifully. Accent with royal blue and silver nail striping tape or dots, too.

12. Royal Blue Marble Nails

Marbleized nails may be an older trend, but the stone-like effect remains timeless and luxe. Achieve it by swirling royal blue and white polishes together, then quickly running a toothpick through to “marbleize.” Or look for new marble Effect polishes that mimic the look sans effort. The results look fit for nobility.

13. Royal Blue and White Colorblock Nails

Colorblocking – using straight lines to segment nails into solid color sections – remains hot in nail art. Use striping tape to section off parts of several nails to paint white. Fill the rest with bright royal blue. Crisp edges make the sophisticated contrast pop. Add one accent gold nail for extra flair.

14. Abstract Royal Blue Nails

Why not get creative with abstract royal blue designs? Start with an all-over coat of your favorite royal polish. Once dry, add squiggles, circles, zigzags, or other shapes using black and white polish. The random artistic look nails that art gallery vibe. Feel free to embellish with studs, too, for extra texture.

15. Vintage Royal Blue Florals

Vintage motifs look lovely against a royal blue backdrop. After painting nails blue, use white polish to hand-paint delicate floral designs centered on each nail. Try bouquets of roses, trailing vines, or single-stemmed buds with leaves. The romantic femininity offsets the regal base hue perfectly.

16. Royal Blue Leopard Print Nails

Animal prints remain timeless and fierce. Paint on rich royal blue polish first. Once dry, add black and white leopard print designs using striping tape, nail vinyl, or polish (if you have an exceptionally steady hand). Cluster the prints together on one nail or scatter singly across several for variation.

17. Gilded Royal Blue Accents

Why stop at gold or rose gold when you can gild your royal blue nails instead? After applying a dark royal base and topcoat, use a foil gel glue to attach gorgeous gold leaf foil pieces. Concentrate along tips, cuticles, or as starting points for striping tape lines. The gold glam takes blue to majestic heights!

18. Chunky Royal Blue Glitter Nails

When average glitter just won’t cut it, go bigger and bolder! New chunky glitter polishes deliver a major sparkle impact. Paint on two coats of your favorite royal blue creme polish first to provide an opaque base. Once dry, apply the chunky blue glitter polish. Let it really shine by sealing it with a glossy topcoat.

19. Metallic Foil Royal Blue Nails

Holographic nail polish provides a fun, flashy touch, but metallic foils take the dazzle up a notch. Brush on nail glue, then press gorgeous blue-toned foils, like an indigo peacock, onto each nail. The foil only adheres where you place the adhesive. Once set, finish by sealing with a clear topcoat to smooth and protect.royal blue and silver nails

20. Neon Royal Blue Nails

Want your royal blue Mani to glow even brighter? Incorporate some neon blue for a scintillating effect! Paint alternating nails with neon blue polish and your favorite rich royal blue shade. The pairing pops against each other. Or use neon blue just for accents, like tips, undersides, or stripe embellishments against the deeper royal base.

21. Electric Royal Blue Gradient Nails

Ombre nails get amplified with this electric color gradient. Paint nails halfway down with classic rich royal blue. At midpoints, begin gradually layering in flashes of brighter neon blue. This style works best with longer coffin or square shapes. The edges sizzling in neon blue definitely electrify this regal color combo!

22. Galaxy Royal Blue Nails

The galaxy nail trend remains out-of-this-world yet surprisingly easy to DIY. Begin by painting a base of royal blue polish to mimic a night sky. Once dry, add speckles of white, purple, and neon blue polish with a tool like a toothpick. Drag polish gently in small sweeping motions. Finish with a topcoat for added gloss and galactic dimension.

23. Embellished French Royal Blue Nails

Why choose basic white tips when you can embellish royal blue French manicure designs instead? Paint nails a classic royal blue hue, then edge tips in sparkling chrome powder, which are applied over a foil gel glue base. The silver striping dresses up the decadent blue beautifully. Accent ring fingers with rows of rhinestones, too, for extra dazzle!

24. Watercolor Royal Blue Nails

One effortless DIY royal blue look to try – watercolor nails! Use a makeup wedge sponge to dab on assorted shades of blue polish, like royal blue creme, plus lighter sky blue and white shades. Let the colors blend and bleed into each other for a hypnotic tie-dyed effect. Topcoat to seal the artistry.

25. Chrome Royal Blue Stiletto Nails

Chrome nails rank ultra-glam but surprisingly easy to DIY with new mirrored powders. Start by painting stiletto nail tips royal blue. Once dry, dust on chrome powder – in silver or iridescent rainbow – using foil gel glue to help it adhere. The powder mirrors the light, reflecting an eye-catching shine. Topcoat over the powder to finish.

26. Electric Splatter Royal Blue Nails

If plain royal blue feels too boring, spice it up with electric splatter art! Paint on your favorite regal blue polish evenly first. Once dry, fling random dots of neon blue and white polish across the tips using an old toothbrush. The chaotic look nails that edgy street-style vibe. Topcoat over splatters to smooth and seal.

27. Checkered Royal Blue Nails

Play visual tricks with checkered royal blue nails. Paint nails in classic royal blue creme polish and let fully dry. Use striping tape to section off squares or rectangles on each nail. Fill the empty spaces with bright white polish. Remove all striping tape promptly to reveal the illusion of depth and dimension.

28. Royal Blue Sugar Gel Nails

Why not elevate your royal blue gel nails with a sugar gel overlay for added texture and shape? Sugar gel nail kits allow you to customize designs in the comfort of your home. First, paint nails in the preferred royal blue shade. Once dry, apply base sugar gel coat according to kit instructions. While still tacky, press in shapes – like flowers, stars, or lace – then seal with a final clear coat. Dazzling!

29. Encapsulated Dried Flowers Royal Blue Nails

Give new meaning to flower power nails by encapsulating real dried blooms within your blue manicure! Press tiny dried flowers – like mini roses or baby’s breath – onto nails with gel glue tabs before curing the glue under the LED light. Paint over blooms with two coats of rich royal blue polish. The flowers show through faintly for a romantic, ethereal effect.

30. Holographic Chrome Royal Blue Nails

Why choose one sparkly finish when you can have both? Amp up the shine factor exponentially by layering holographic and chrome powders over bold blue tips. First, paint nails in classic royal blue. Once dry, dust on holographic glitter powder using foil gel glue for adhesion. Then, trace tips with super-reflective chrome powder using the same method. Dazzling!

31. Embossed Velvet Royal Blue Nails

Velvet nails may seem counterintuitive, but new velvet Effect nail polishes deliver a rich, luxurious texture. Paint two coats of velvet royal blue polish and let fully dry. While still pliable, gently press designs – like flowers, dots, waves, or lace patterns – into each nail using small metal embossing tools. The embossed indentations beautifully catch the light once hardened. Regal dimension!

32. Encrusted Royal Blue Nails

Encapsulation manicures build dimension by sandwiching 3D objects between layers of gel or acrylic. First, apply a gel base layer and cure under LED light for royal blue nails. Press in variously shaped blue rhinestones, beads, or sequins while the glue is still tacky. Paint over encrusted objects with two layers of matching royal blue polish. Finish by sealing with a glossy top gel coat to highlight encrusted accents.

Choosing a Stunning Royal Blue Shade

When selecting a royal blue nail polish, something refined but not too polished must be looked for. Aim for a rich, saturated hue rather than a pale pastel. Royal blue has a touch of red mixed in that gives it that luxurious look. Some great royal blue shades to consider are:

  • OPI Russian Navy
  • Essie Butler Please
  • Zoya Blair

These deeper blues will truly make your nails pop!

Preparing Your Nails

The key to flawless royal blue nails starts before you even apply color. Ensure that you do the following preparations before applying the royal blue shade.

  • Make sure to trim and file your nails into the shape you want so your tips look neat, just ready for that touch of royal blue.
  • Use a gentle nail scrub to remove any oil so the polish adheres smoothly.
  • Finish by applying a base coat to prevent staining, which will also help it last longer.

Applying Thin, Even Layers

Remember that thin, even layers are best when painting on royal blue polish. Thick globs can lead to cracking or peeling. Do 2-3 slim coats, allowing each to dry in between to build up a rich color that stays put. Make sure to cap the tips of your nails by brushing over the edges – this seals the polish and ensures a long-lasting look. Pay close attention to the cuticles and sides to avoid messy smears or smudges. Precision is key!


While royal blue makes a major style statement on its own, accent nails can add some extra zing. Try a glittery blue shade on a couple of nails, or experiment with gold, white, or nude tones for contrast. Rhinestones or shiny metal studs are also pretty embellishments that pair nicely with the regal blue. Just be reasonable with accents – less is often more with a bold primary shade like royal blue.

Once your base color and any accents are painted on evenly, avoid chips and smudging by finishing up with a topcoat. This clear protective layer helps lock everything in place. It also lends an attractive glossy shine, making the royal blue even more jewel-toned and vivid. Apply the topcoat evenly over the entire nail and let it dry thoroughly. This seals the deal on your fabulous royal blue nails!

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