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Are you looking for some innovative and original award concepts to reward your students? If you are burning out on the end-of-year grading frenzy and looking for something fun but rewarding to do as a school teacher, organizing an award ceremony where your pupils receive recognition might be the best idea. A memorable Best Student Awards program will serve you best.

It will give your students a chance to receive recognition, uplifting their spirits and making their end-of-academic year memorable. Any teacher can shake hands and hand out candy, but a considerate one takes the time to make unique awards for everyone. It can take time to come up with student award categories or funny awards for students. But today, we have gathered an invaluable list of the 60 best student awards that will put a cheerful smile on everyone in your class and make them feel appreciated!

#1) Academic Prominence

Who will become their high school valedictorian when they grow up?

#2) Extraordinary Personality

Is there a student in your class whose personality truly amazes you?

#3) Curious Questioner

This one is for the student in your class who asks insightful questions and keeps you on your toes.

#4) Fantastic Author

Have you spent the day reading poetry, compositions, and articles aloud? Who charmed you?

#5) The Guru Award for Technology

Is there a certain student who often assists the teacher with tech-related problems? They absolutely deserve this award.

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#6) The Sportsmanship Award

Who always cheers on their classmates and is never a bitter loser? It belongs to them.

#7) The Smithsonian Honor

Are there any history aficionados in your class? With this prize, you can see how knowledgeable they are.

#8) Remarkable Personality

Whose personality is so amazing that it just blows you away?

#9) Cheerful Attitude

Is there a student in your class who never stops grinning and being joyful? They merit the award for their vivacious personalities!

#10) Sensational Narrator

Who of your students provides the greatest detail when asked about their weekend, holiday, movie hangout, or current affairs?

#11) Book Worm

Giving away Book Worm awards is simple, particularly if you require students to maintain their incredible reading habits all year.

#12) Super Scientist

Who of your pupils will be NASA’s next employee?

#13) Adorable Pet

Let your students vote for the cutest pet picture by bringing in their pet’s photos.

#14) Top Communicator

Understanding so many different personalities in one classroom can be challenging. Who better expresses what they want?

#15) The Happiest

Does a student in your class always seem to be having a good day? This is the best award you can give to them.

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#16) Hero Honor

Is there a student who always comes to the rescue when someone calls for assistance? This is best for them.

#17) The Optimist Award

Is there anyone who doesn’t give negativity a chance? Then, this award will fit them perfectly.

#18) Above and Beyond

Which student, no matter how challenging the assignment, aims for the moon?

#19) Head of the Break

Does a student in your class always want to go outside for recess?

#20) As Quick as a Bullet

Who among the students completes their homework the quickest?

#21) Total Presence Award

Which student consistently shows up for class?

#22) Top Vocalist

Who has the best vocal cords? It could be the latest song in the music industry, the national anthem, or old patriotic songs; who can sing them?

#23) Most Reliable Student

With whom does everyone confide themselves? The Joseph and Mary of the class.

#24) Roll of Honor

Who always turns in all of their assignments on time?

#25) Single File Award

Which student is constantly prepared to arrange everyone in a line?

#26) The Award for Friendship

Who in the class has buddies with everyone else? This is an award for the gregarious butterfly.

#27) The Award for 99% Perspiration

Does somebody in your class work really hard? Before bestowing this honor upon them, be sure they have a good sense of humor.

#29) Worker Bee

Overwhelmingly busy yet consistently productive!

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#30) Work Horse

A designated award for the student who puts in the most physical labor. As strong as a horse!

#31) Most Extroverted

Which student is the most social and enjoys hearing about the lives of others?

#32) Top Artist

Is this for a stunning piece of art or just a bored doodler? Either way, they’ve got you covered.

#33) Most Innovative

Is there a pupil who can think up anything novel at any time?

#34) The Calculus Guru

Have you yet to commit your mathematics to memory and get the best calculations?

#35) Most Stupid

Whatever you say, they will accept it! The sheep of the class! It is quite a funny award for students.

#36) Hugging Bear

Who’s willing to give you their whole arms?

#37) Most Retracted

Who adopts that mindset of “going with the flow”?

#38) The Bravest Student

Was there a frightening incident that allowed a certain pupil to shine? This one is best to award to anyone who can catch a poisonous intruder spider in class.

#39) Quickest Typist

Who is Mavis Beacon? Does anyone practice at home?

#40) Cutest Outfits

Most trendy and consistently properly dressed.

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#41) Best Hair

Everybody has awful hair days. Who does that never apply to?

#42) With Careful Intelligence

Which bright pupil is quick to pick things up?

#43) The Loudest Diner

It is quite laughable. Is there a student here who enjoys humming or talking as they eat? This funny award is ideal for them!

#44) Fantastic Attitude

People who view the glass half full are a pleasure to be around. Give them something!

#45) School Enthusiasm

This award is for the student who always dresses up for every school function!

#46) Top Whiteboard Writer for Classrooms

It’s quite hard to write well on a whiteboard. Who is the best at this?

#47) The Safety Superhero Award

Who makes sure everyone is taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe?

#48) King of Cursive

It’s challenging to learn cursive. Who was the greatest at it?

#49) Skilled at Bargaining

Which student uses inducement to get more time for a task or extended recess?

#50) The Acrobat

Which pupil has the ability to bend their body strangely?

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#51) The Best Decorator

This is for the one that keeps the classroom bold and beautiful and has drawings in their binder.

#52) Above and Beyond

Who goes above and beyond the call of duty instead of merely doing it?

#53) Great Thinker

Never stop thinking — never stop at all!

#54) Astute Individuals

Not only street smart but also intellectually brilliant!

#55) Most Reliable

Which pupil can you always rely on?

#56) Mr. Thank You


Please give this prize to the class’s most courteous student. They deserve it.

#57) The Joker

This award is for the witty child in the back of the classroom.

#58) Constantly hopeful

This student makes everyone’s day happier.

#59) Exceptionally Organized

Arranged books, markers, paper, and pens are all in their proper places!

#60) Top Chef

Our final is on the list. This year, have you engaged in any culinary activities? An award for the culinary gurus in your class.

Are End-of-Year Classroom Awards Effective?

Student awards are a chance to honor each student’s efforts and distinctive qualities. They provide a welcoming environment in which to recognize and celebrate the many ways your pupils have developed as people and enhanced the learning environment as a whole.

Your students will value the customized recognition, whether you give them out individually on the last day of class or hold a classroom award ceremony. Note the following five points when you start getting ready for your year-end student awards ceremony to make sure everyone has a good time and feels included:

  • Consider unconventional approaches
  • Customization is essential
  • Go above and beyond the norm
  • Consult the students for their opinions
  • Honor hard work and development

Wrap Up

Do not misunderstand me. Conventional school grading systems have their uses and are useful for monitoring students’ academic progress over time. They do not, however, present the whole picture when it comes to achievements. To wrap up, end-of-year awards for students enable you to send all of your pupils on holiday on a positive note, which is something you should believe in. They also grant you a unique chance to let you work with your kids in the same way!

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