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Solitude often gets a bad rap with people associating “being alone” with loneliness. When you’re out on a solo date night, it’s rather common to receive pity side-eye from strangers.

But the thing some people don’t know is that not everyone craves company every time. I, for one, prefer to do things alone from time to time. A walk in the park, reading a book, driving to music—anything that helps me get away from the fracas of daily life.

If you share the sentiment, you’re sure to enjoy this post. As a professional solo dater, I’ll share some of the best solo date ideas for the next time you need some much-needed alone time and enjoy it.

Self-Date Ideas: 109 Fun Things You Can Do Alone

As Oscar Wilde said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance,” and I couldn’t agree more. You’re stuck with you. So, why not learn to appreciate it?

Free Dates

A tight budget is never a reason not to enjoy yourself. There are plenty of free but entertaining activities you can do alone.

  1. Go on a solo picnic.
  2. Visit the nearest museum on a free-admission day.
  3. Relax with nature by exploring a nearby reserve.
  4. Stargaze in your backyard with a homemade snack.
  5. Get lost in the plot of your favorite book.
  6. Hike in nature.
  7. Take a long walk around town.
  8. Dance to your favorite music.
  9. Spend some time exploring your city like a tourist.
  10. Have a movie marathon with your favorite films at home.
  11. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter.
  12. Learn a new craft or skill.
  13. Write a poem or a story inside your favorite cafe.
  14. If you own a bike, explore the nearest bike trail near you.
  15. Choose a game or a puzzle you can solve and get cozy.
  16. Make your favorite homemade beverage and listen to music.
  17. Have a photoshoot at a scenic spot in your hometown.
  18. Start a practical DIY craft project.
  19. Go for a drive and watch the sunrise or sunset.
  20. Try out a new recipe and enjoy a delectable dinner.
  21. Attend a local event and discover some new interests.
  22. Make a vision board filled with your dreams and plans.
  23. Explore the nearest farmers market and sample local products.
  24. Take a self-guided tour around historical sites in your city.
  25. Listen to free concerts or open mic nights.

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Low-Cost Dates

Enjoying a little wiggle room in the wallet department? Here are some of the best low-cost date ideas whenever you’re feeling the need to spend time alone:

  1. Treat yourself to a dessert at a trendy cafe.
  2. Bask in music by attending a musical production.
  3. Get a well-deserved mani and pedi.
  4. Go thrift shopping!
  5. Sing your heart out in a Karaoke bar.
  6. Enjoy a blissful evening at a local massage spa.
  7. Attend a live concert with your favorite local band.
  8. Appreciate the arts at a local museum and art gallery.
  9. Explore a nearby city you’ve never been to before.
  10. Boost your artistic soul by enrolling in a pottery or painting class.
  11. Learn your favorite fancy meal by taking a cooking class.
  12. Lose some sweat at a local indoor rock climbing center.
  13. Feel like Sherlock Holmes by visiting an escape room challenge.
  14. Splurge with your fancy spirit by attending a wine-tasting event.
  15. Enjoy some good laughs by listening to stand-up comedy.
  16. Support your favorite athletes and watch a sports match.
  17. Treat yourself to a much-deserved fancy dinner at a restaurant you’re eyeing.
  18. Enjoy the thrill of ice skating at a nearby rink.
  19. Catch the bus heading to a local beach you can explore.
  20. Spend the afternoon with sea creatures at an aquarium.
  21. Meet your favorite authors by attending a book-signing event.
  22. Go solo shopping and buy yourself a gift.
  23. Buy a plant to add some green to your home.
  24. Spend a day with cute animals on a nearby farm or petting zoo.
  25. Sweat your heart out by taking a dance class.

Moderate Cost Dates

Of course, no one can talk you out of spending a little more for yourself. And let’s be honest, treating yourself to something you’ve been longing for a long time could be a total mood boost.

  1. Spoil yourself by having an online shopping spree.
  2. Rent a kayak or canoe and spend an entire day on water adventures.
  3. Book an entire day relaxing by booking a full-body beauty spa.
  4. Rent a convertible and visit Instagram-worthy sites in your area.
  5. Shop for a classy dress and watch the opera.
  6. Spend a night at a swanky hotel you’ve been wanting to visit.
  7. Step away from reality and try out a virtual gaming experience.
  8. Go shopping and experiment with a new look or makeup.
  9. Go see a trendy new movie.
  10. Ride a ferry tour to a nearby coastal tourist site.
  11. Rent a paddle board and float your cares away in a lake.
  12. Wake your inner daredevil with bungee jumping.
  13. Redecorate your home by adding fun, new accessories.
  14. Hit up the bookstore and bring home new additions to your collection.
  15. Spend the weekend at a local campground.
  16. Pamper yourself by buying a piece of new jewelry.
  17. Root yourself and start a garden with your favorite greens and flowers.
  18. Discover new favorites and take yourself on a restaurant hopping.
  19. Visit the farmers market and bring home fresh produce to enjoy.
  20. Get spooked on a ghost tour around burial sites and haunted houses.
  21. Watch the world from above atop a skyscraper.
  22. Walk down your childhood memory lane in amusement park rides.
  23. Do you want something unique? Try ax-throwing competitions!
  24. Put your swing game to the test by playing mini-golf.
  25. Are you craving some change in your look? Get a tattoo.

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Fancy Solo Dates Ideas

Do you have enough time and savings with nothing to spend on? Here are terrific solo date ideas if you ever want to go all out:

  1. Ride a hot-air balloon for a breathtaking experience.
  2. Book a nighttime helicopter ride and enjoy a scenic tour around your city.
  3. Feel the rush of adrenaline by going skydiving.
  4. Watch a concert of your favorite band or artists.
  5. Take the train and explore picturesque landscapes to post on your social media.
  6. Savor the thrill of horseback riding at a nearby stable.
  7. Obsessed with space adventures? Experience zero gravity without going to space at ZERO-G.
  8. Rent a jet ski and spend the day enjoying the beach air.
  9. Book a photographer and have a photoshoot to flaunt on your socials.
  10. Spend an entire weekend getaway in the countryside.
  11. Lease a luxurious sports car and take an exhilarating spin around town.
  12. Get a cozy cabin in the mountains for a peaceful weekend retreat.
  13. Book a glamping trip and enjoy the wilderness with style.
  14. Charter a private yacht for an ocean adventure.
  15. Make a list of attractions you want to visit and start crossing some names.
  16. Hire a guide and enjoy an adrenaline-pumping experience with rock climbing.
  17. Enroll in a private cooking class with world-renowned chefs.
  18. Plan an exclusive guided tour of a popular landmark you’ve been planning to visit.
  19. Rent a beach house and spend the week off with the waves.
  20. Taste the best of American cuisine on a culinary tour.
  21. Start rowing down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
  22. Go on an ocean expedition in the Galapagos Archipelago.
  23. Get on a truck and spend your free days on an African Safari tour.
  24. Chill with nature on a multi-day backpacking trip.
  25. Splurge on exquisite cuisine on a luxury diner cruise.

9 Seasonal Solo Date Ideas

Are you looking for date ideas to fit the season? Here’s a list of superb activities you can do alone from spring to winter:

  1. Sign up for a flower arrangement class in spring.
  2. Visit a botanical garden and relish the sight of blooming flora.
  3. Enroll in a surfing class in the summer.
  4. Visit a campsite and light a bonfire.
  5. Experience apple-picking and make some apple-flavored treats for yourself.
  6. Take a quick hike and relish the view of fall foliage.
  7. Check out the national park and hear the fascinating sound of elk bugling.
  8. Take a skid in the nearest ice skating rink in the winter.
  9. Get cozy and watch Christmas movies from your childhood.

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Final Thoughts

The busier your schedule, the more you stand to benefit from a much-needed alone time. We all want to be productive with our time, but don’t forget to care for yourself, too!

Plus, there are plenty of benefits to going on solo dates. It gives you time to refocus on yourself and your interests, a vital aspect of your self-development.

Alone time boosts your mental faculties, especially your creativity. By having some time to reflect on ourselves, we become more empathetic and improve our relationships.

There’s practically no downside to going on solo dates!

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